TimberMax Traction Winch Systems

It‘s clear that industries have been searching for technology to provide safer practices for machines working on steep slope job sites, and TimberMAX has risen to the challenge. Whether you are in construction, pipelines, utilities or forestry the TimberMAX T-Series Traction-Winch is the Tool for the job. The attachment style, constant tension winch allows the TimberMAX to be easily mounted on any excavator with a simple installation and remote operated.  When there is a break in work for the Traction-Winch, simply remove the TimberMAX and allow the excavator to go back to work in its original capacity making this system an attractive and cost-effective option.


The system provides traction assist, which in combination with the iWinch® Control System allows the operator to better identify limits and dangerous work situations.


TimberMAX winch systems deliver reduced costs by significantly improving the slope machines productivity in areas where conventional equipment reaches its traction and safe operating limits.


Timbermax Elevator®

  • Powerful self-powered winch unit
  • High performance, flexible
  • Fully Remote Operated

Tracked Excavator

  • Versatile and cost effective
  • Compatible with quick attach system

4wd/6wd Wheeled Skidder

  • Mounted to the front
  • Fix mounted or tiltable

Wheeled Harvester

  • Mounted to the rear
  • Fix Mounted or tiltable

Configuration Solutions

    One Machine System

    The winch is installed on the steep slope machine. The cable is attached to a stump or suitable anchoring point.

    • Quicker setup time
    • Static line
    • Cost effective for full-time dedicated cutting machine

    Two Machine System

    The winch is installed on a carrier (excavator, dozer, or tractor) or suitable anchoring machine.

    • Versatility: Tether a skidder, buncher, harvester, or forwarder

    • Minor modification to the slope machine required
    • Extra power from the anchor machine engine
    UNIQUE Concept

    Limited carrier modifications required Standard mounting dimensions makes installation simple and swapping between machines easy.

    Carrier Requirements:

    • 1’’ Pressure Line
    • 1’’ Return Line
    • 3⁄4’’ Drain Line
    • Electrical Cable (5 connectors) including +24 V Supply
    TimberMAX Drive

    Powerful, Reliable and Efficient It is powered by a variable displacement hydraulic motor, which allows high torque or high speed under low load condi- tions. The winch drum transmits power through the three-stage planetary gear drive. A multi-disc, spring applied brake secures the drum.

    REMOTE Control

    Easy to Operate TimberMAX has remote controls available to match your installa- tion and options.

    EXCAVATOR Mount Ready

    No need to install sheaves, pulleys, or drums on the carrier. Most 24 + ton units can be used as the base carrier.

    QUICK Attach Converts Carrier to Winch-Assist

    This system enables the carrier to operate as a road builder without restriction, while the quick attach allows you to convert to winch- assist quickly.

    PIVOTING Rope Guide ± 45 degrees

    The TimberMAX rope guide contains an oversized bearing and a swivel-mount allowing for operation within 45 degrees from the center.

    COMPACT Design, Perfect Spooling

    With a reliable and robust spooling system, the winch drum has been designed to extend cable lifetime and reduce operating costs.

    T8 Traction Winch

    Our most compact model. Mounts on 18-25 ton excavators and high horsepower tractors. Holds 1115 ft of 5/8″ wire rope.

    T10 Traction Winch

    The T10 traction winch is easily mounted on 24-34 ton excavators and holds 1640 ft of 5/8″ swaged wire rope.

    T14 Traction Winch

    Our mid-size traction winch. Easily mounted on any 24-34 ton excavator and holds 1180 ft of 3/4” swaged wire rope.

    T20 Traction Winch

    The T20 traction winch is easily mounted on 29-45 ton excavators and holds 1770 ft of 7/8″ swaged wire rope.

    T20HD Traction Winch

    Our largest traction winch. The T20HD is easily mounted on any 29-45 ton excavator and holds 1380 ft of 1″ swaged wire rope.